Find out all you need to know about Travitude and its software

Technological development has always contributed to simplifying our life and from time to time new solutions have been proposed to the simplest problems. These are smaller details, so it’s worth learning more about the travel booking engine. How does Travitude help you? This simple travel booking system is travel agency software that can automate multiple processes, including booking and payment.

Want to know how useful your Travitude search engine will be? It can be assumed that several services will be grouped in the same place, from air tickets, accommodation, transfers and all kinds of activities, thanks to which it is possible to create unique offers for potential clients directly from the same interface thanks to XML and API Connections . In addition, this type of connection is also useful because it automates the confirmation process and, through a simple search on the machine, allows users to discover, in real time, the offers available directly from their. to book on your own site.

Another great addition to the booking engine is the fact that you can also sell vacation packages in your spare time as everything is automated. Customers can reserve directly online and are automatically forwarded to suppliers, which is easier than ever.

This naturally gives you the opportunity to sell much faster, which should be your top priority in any context. It takes no more than a minute to choose the duration and number of hosting days you want, as well as the services you want. After that, go through all the offers you have access to and then make the reservation. Travitude’s booking engine is very useful and anyone can use it. Customers can make reservations directly from their platform and complete them on site, ideally under all conditions. In addition, you can immediately reach suppliers directly via the API / XML connection, which greatly simplifies business.

It only takes four steps to get it all done with the help of Travitude and it all starts with the initial setup which anyone can do as there is nothing special about it. Also, the providers you want need to be configured, which means you have the option to choose only those that suit you best. Next up is the choice of preferred payment methods, an ideal fact since the customer is free to do what they want and, finally, various changes and adjustments can be made to the design.

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